Piezo-MEMS energy harvesting master class


Novotel Grenoble Centre

7 place Robert Schuma


23rd May 2016, right before 5th International Workshop on Piezoelectric MEMS.

The master class attendants participating also in the Piezoelectric MEMS are invited to welcome reception at MINATEC (<10 min from Novotel by walk) on Monday 23rd from 18.30 to 20.00/20.30.


15:00-16:00 Session 1, PZT MEMS technology updates,  Chairman Toby Ebefors, Silex

  • Opening words and a short overview on Smart-MEMPHIS project, Project Coordinator Toby Ebefors, Silex
  • PZT Based MEMS for energy Harvesting: The Silex approach, Samira Nik, Silex
  • Modelling of the PZT based MEMS structures, Pontus Johannisson, Acreo
  • Characterization of the PZT material, Stephan Tiedke, AixACCT

16:00-16:15 Coffee Break

16:15-17:15 Session 2,  PZT MEMS market, smart systems applications and enabling technologies,  Chairman Toshihiro Doi, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

  • PZT MEMS and pEH market, Eeva Viinikka, Spinverse
  • Tailored ASICs for energy harvesting based smart systems, Jacob Wikner, Linköping University
  • Energy harvesting in leadless pacemakers, Bertrand Boutaud, LivaNova
  • Structural health monitoring or critical structures – aeroplanes, bridges, etc – by wireless sensor networks, Guillaume Ferin, Vermon

17:30-18:00 Panel discussion, Chairman Thorbjörn Ebefors


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