Silex Microsystems is the world’s leading pure play MEMS foundry. Silex has been a dedicated manufacturer of customized MEMS products since its founding in 2000, operating as an independent MEMS foundry. Silex’ MEMS production is housed in a 25,000 square foot plant near Stockholm with a 12,000 square foot clean room area holding the 6-inch wafer line and another 10,000 square feet for the new 8-inch wafer fab.

Linköping University has the know-how for modelling, design and fabrication support for energy harvester MEMS, and multidisciplinary research collaboration network around it. Professor Atila Alvandpour’s Integrated Circuits and Systems group is an expert for system-on-chip design environment.

RISE Acreo offers innovative and value-adding ICT solutions for sustainable growth and increased competitiveness in industry and society. As one of Europe's top research institutes, it provides cutting-edge resources and technologies within key-areas such as Sensors and Actuators, Power Electronics, Digital Communication and Life Science. Acreo has state-of-art knowhow related to design, modelling and testing and their unique testbed for resonating structures is considered as state-of-art.

Chalmers University of Technology is a highly progressive university situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. Chalmers has developed leading research in the areas of life sciences, materials science, information technology, micro-and nanotechnology, environmental sciences and energy. They also handle the coordination of the Graphene EU flagship project and have experiences combining MEMS and supercapacitors for energy storage applications.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM focuses its activities on the area of microelectronic packaging and heterogeneous system integration. IZM helps companies assemble robust and reliable electronic systems and integrate these into the application environment. They have expertise in Chip in Polymer Wafer and Panel level packaging of multi-chip ICs and MEMS integration.

CAIRDAC SAS is a French SME, dedicated to developing autonomous leadless pacemakers based on proprietary vibrational energy scavenger. The pacemaker of CAIRDAC leverages this inexhaustible energy source to powering its electronics for pacing, sensing and communicating with no limit of life duration. The new architecture of our autonomous leadless pacemakers will bring CRM disciplines to a paradigm shift wherein inherent drawbacks of current products are overcome while improving the dimensions and volume of device.


Vermon is the world leading company in Composite Piezoelectric Transducers and ultrasonic imaging, utilizing their knowledge for structural health monitoring. Vermon is continuously maintaining its commitment to research and technological development in the domains of ultrasonic apparatus and medical diagnosis and therapy and devotes yearly more than 20% of the company revenue to R&D activities. Transducer technologies are the core business for Vermon and the company owns several in-house developed solutions based on piezoelectrics (piezocomposite) or MEMS components as capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (cMUTs).

aixACCT is a testing company that specializes in electrical testing for material development and device qualification. They excel in the characterization of piezoelectric materials and devices. aixACCT is working on piezoelectric thin films and is world leading supplier to the industry.

Spinverse in an independent innovation consulting company specialized in the commercialization of emerging technologies. Spinverse has experience in hundreds of feasibility studies, commercialization projects and EU project preparation and coordination.  For example, Spinverse is the coordinator of the FP7 project IP4Plasma (2014-2016).  Experiences on EU-projects also include the ENIAC Project “Prominent” (2012-2015), and organization of several conferences for the European Commission.