Conferences and workshops


Supercapacitors: Store for the Future: Summer school, Gothenburg, 11-13 June, 2018

2018 PiezoMEMS Workshop: 6th International Workshop on Piezoelectric MEMS, January 15-16, 2018, Orlando, Florida

PowerMEMS 2017: The 17th International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications, Kanazawa, Japan, 14th-17th November 2017

ICT-Energy 2016: energy efficiency and sustainability in ICT, Aalborg, Denmark, 16th-19th August 2016

  • "MEMS-based energy harvesting"

Carbon 2016, State College, Pennsylvania, USA, 10-15th July 2016

  • Presented in Oral session 6, Tuesday 12th July: "Freestanding Carbon Nanofibers/Graphene Composite Electrodes for Supercapacitors

MEMSWAVE 2016, Bucharest, Romania, 5th-6th July 2016

  • "The Smart MEMS Piezo based Energy Harvesting with Integrated Supercapacitor and

Inspiration for electronics, Photonics and sensors - workshop, Kista, Sweden, 14th June 2016

Nature Conference on Materials for Energy 2016, Wuhan, China, 13th June 2016, "Emerging materials and devices" -session

  • "Freestanding 3D nanostructured composite materials with improved capacitive performance"

Piezo-MEMS master class hosted by smart-MEMPHIS, Grenoble, France, 23rd May 2016, satellite to 5th International Workshop on Piezoelectric MEMS

Micronano System Workshop, Lund, Sweden, 17-18th May 2016, "Information and Energy Session"

Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe, Berlin, Germany,  27-28th April 2016

7th International Symposium on NDT in Aerospace, Bremen, Germany, 16-18th November 2015

Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2015, Santa Clara, USA, 18-19th November 2015, “IoT Enabled Energy Harvesting” -session.

EPoSS Annual Forum 2015, Leuven, Belgium, 13th October 2015, Smart Systems showcases: Turn-key solutions -session.

MNBS 2015, Leuven, Belgium, 14-15th October 2015

ARTEMIS Technology Conference, 6-7th October 2015

The 22nd European conference on circuit theory and design, ECCTD2015, Trondheim, Norway, 24th -26th August 2015

  • Session 15: "Design of Smart Integrated Energy-Harvesting Systems"

Transducers 2015, Anchorage, Alaska, 21-25th June 2015, , "MEMS Industry Group - Emerging MEMS/Sensors"-session

EuroNanoForum 2015, Riga, Latvia, 10-12th June 2015, "Smart structures and intelligent materials"-session


Piezoelectric MEMS, an Overview of Materials, Processes and Applications, Silex Microsystems, 16.5.2016

In the media

Egen el från hjärtat, 29.5.2017 (in Swedish)

Ingenjören, 11.10.2016 (in Swedish)

Elektronik Tidningen, 12.5.2015 (in Swedish)

Energy Harvesting Journal, 17.3.2015

Elektronik i Norden, 17.3.2015 (in Swedish)

Fierce medical devices, 10.3.2015


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Doctoral Thesis:

J. Katic, Highly-Efficient Energy Harvesting Interfaces for Implantable Biosensors, Doctoral dissertation, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (2017).